David B bavibs at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 11:26:19 MST 2006

Last month was the 1st ever Utaug.org  meeting and it conflicted with 
the PLUG meeting, so you might of missed out (sorry, we made a 
scheduling mistake).

Tonight is the 2nd Asterisk users meeting = Tuesday Feb 7th at 7pm at 
the SLC library Room L-1.

Tonight there will be a gear show and tell.  So if you have been 
thinking about setting up your own home or office Asterisk system, you 
might want to *hear* the gear for yourself.  Several of us will give 
reviews on what gear we like and dont like.

Here is a list of some of the gear that will be setup tonight for your 
listening pleasure.

dlink hs1402 (IP phone)
spa-941 (IP phone)
spa-942 (IP Phone)
polycom 301(IP phone)
polycom 501 (IP phone)
grandstream gxp2000 (IP phone)
snom 360 (IP phone)
yuxin pa168 (IP phone)
Cisco 7960 (IP phone)
Grandstream BudgeTone 100 (IP phone)

Grandstream HandyTone-386 (ATA)
Digium IAXy (ATA)
Linksys PAP2-NA (ATA)
Sipura SPA-1001 (ATA)
dlink dvg-g1402s (router ATA)
chines Yuxin iax2 (ATA)
linksys RT31P2 (router ATA)

If you have gear not listed please bring it.

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