February's PLUG Metting -- need a little help

justin gedge jgedge at amis.com
Tue Feb 7 10:37:45 MST 2006

I'm presenting on LaTeX tomorrow night... need a little help.

1] my laptop has ATi Radeon xpress 200M graphics chipset.  the external 
video does NOT work under linux at the moment.  I strongly recomend 
NVIDIA based upon my limited experience w/ a personal machine and the 
machines at work w/ Nvidia chipsets...  I spent half hour+ messing 
around w/ different settings with our projector here at work w/ no 
luck.  I need someone to bring a ``projector friendly'' laptop or 
something with LaTeX installed on it.  It will also need [ghostview, gv 
or gsview-- one of those], ps2pdf [should come w/ ghostscript], and 
[acroread of xPDF].  We will probably use this minimally as we walk 
through basic compiles-- and at the end if there's interest-- we could 
try tackling requests that are within my ability...

2] Since LaTeX is a page / paper / typsetting program-- it's fitting to 
have notes on PAPER.  [while many are trying to preserve trees-- I'll do 
my part to support the Forest Industry].  I'd like a rough estimate of 
people planning on attending so I can have notes / code examples printed 
for everyone attending.  If you're planning on attending-- please send 
an email to me [or the PLUG].

I'm planning on posting notes afterwards-- but would like to provide 
hardcopies for those in attendance :-)

Justin Gedge

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