Hope none of you use AOL - and Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 03:11:59 MST 2006

Well I noticed a boat load of bounced emails to my AOL users today.
So from my gmail account I sent them all gmail invites explained the
situation and put a kill filter for any future attempts form AOL users
to sign up.

Furthermore I posted on the front page of my site exactly what game
AOL is playing, and encouraging folks who are using AOL to dump them
and find a better ISP that doesn't just reject emails out of hand like

I have 1k users about 5% are AOL users, so hopefully I'm doing a
little damage to AOL's bottom line. ;)

On 2/3/06, Michael L Torrie <torriem at chem.byu.edu> wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 11:21 -0700, Matthew Walker wrote:
> >
> > Except that it already works that way. This pay service won't block delivery
> > of non-paying items. They're just much more likely to end up in the junk
> > folder. Problem is, NO ONE looks in that folder. If your company's email ends
> > up there, it might as well have never arrived.
> Hmm.  So does this open up the possibility of marketing firms paying to
> send advertising to your box (similar to snail mail junk mail)?  In
> other words, they pay a small fee (which they pass on to the original
> firms who hired them) and then they are guaranteed that their messages
> will hit the inboxes of the recipients.  Of course that currently would
> violate anti-spam laws.  However marketing companies could argue that
> since they are paying for the bandwidth now (as opposed to free-loading
> before) that ISPs and providers cannot legally automatically filter e-
> mail on the grounds of cost of resources.  I highly doubt we're headed
> for this scenario anytime soon, but it would be an interesting
> situation.
> Michael
> >
> > After recently building a new mailserver, I've decided that until spammers
> > invest more in real mail server hardware, the number 1 best solution to spam
> > is greylisting. It has stopped 95%+ of all the email that has tried to reach
> > the new server, and I haven't had a single report of a legitimate message
> > getting bounced.
> >
> > Combined with sensible RBL usage, a good virus scanner, and spamassassin set
> > with conservative limits (everything scored under 15 is delivered), I've seen
> > a HUGE reduction in spam reaching my users.
> >
> > Yes, some still gets through, but most of that is semi-legitimate. Greylisting
> > stops all the virii that do bulk spamming, it stops the boilerplate spam
> > software that doesn't queue delivery.
> >
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