Hope none of you use AOL - and Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

Matthew Walker matt at thebraingarden.com
Fri Feb 3 11:21:37 MST 2006

On Friday 03 February 2006 11:15, Steve wrote:
> Like all DRM schemes it'll be hacked in short order, Spam will still
> get through only now legitimate mail won't.
> US Congress Critters will have an investigation, one company or
> another will decide that it's a flawed idea and advertise on the
> strength that "Hey you get all yer mail, if we think it's spam it goes
> into a folder marked that way but at least it got through"
> That company will be the next gmail or hotmail (may even be one of them)

Except that it already works that way. This pay service won't block delivery 
of non-paying items. They're just much more likely to end up in the junk 
folder. Problem is, NO ONE looks in that folder. If your company's email ends 
up there, it might as well have never arrived.

After recently building a new mailserver, I've decided that until spammers 
invest more in real mail server hardware, the number 1 best solution to spam 
is greylisting. It has stopped 95%+ of all the email that has tried to reach 
the new server, and I haven't had a single report of a legitimate message 
getting bounced.

Combined with sensible RBL usage, a good virus scanner, and spamassassin set 
with conservative limits (everything scored under 15 is delivered), I've seen 
a HUGE reduction in spam reaching my users.

Yes, some still gets through, but most of that is semi-legitimate. Greylisting 
stops all the virii that do bulk spamming, it stops the boilerplate spam 
software that doesn't queue delivery.

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