Hope none of you use AOL - and Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 11:15:27 MST 2006

Like all DRM schemes it'll be hacked in short order, Spam will still
get through only now legitimate mail won't.
US Congress Critters will have an investigation, one company or
another will decide that it's a flawed idea and advertise on the
strength that "Hey you get all yer mail, if we think it's spam it goes
into a folder marked that way but at least it got through"
That company will be the next gmail or hotmail (may even be one of them)

On 2/3/06, Mister E <Mister.Ed at agoracart.com> wrote:
> Dennis wrote:
> > Steve wrote:
> >
> >> Thats Ok, the Spam companies will happily poney up the cash probably
> >> on stolen credit cards.
> >> AOL customers will get disgusted with the amount of spam they recieve
> >> and hopefully wisen up enough to someone who doesn't do this.
> >> Also if enough people are AOL email users, and they cannot get
> >> important emails because AOL wants to charge the sender, there will be
> >> an uproar.
> >> Honestly I don't see HOW Aol even has a customer base anymore.
> >>
> >
> > Yeah, I agree.  We send lots of email (not spam), and if AOL started
> > this, We'd simply tell our customers that they can't get email from us
> > at an AOL address.  Stick it in the FAQ, Stick AOL in the trash.
> >
> This is not limited to AOL.  Yahoo has started to implement this as
> well.  Then, if gmail and hotmail services join up in similar fashion,
> you will find that this resistance will no longer work or become mostly
> ineffective.  At that point, you too will be assimilated into this
> borg-like phenom.  If not, you will not be able to email most of the
> consumers in the English speaking world without becoming certified or
> using their proprietary services.  The two companies, that have already
> started implementing this service, control a significant share of the
> consumer email as it is.  Google is loosely tied to AOL and they might
> follow suit to strengthen their advertising connections, unless they
> figure out a "free" version for such a service :)
> Mister Ed
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