old SD/MMC cards?

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Thu Feb 2 16:13:04 MST 2006

Jason Holt wrote:
> Anyone have an old SD or MMC card you don't need anymore?  I need one 
> (or a few) for a gadgetboard project -- turns out the cards support the 
> SPI bus, which is natively supported by Atmel chips.  Any capacity is 
> fine; I'm not dealing with a lot of data.

Cool--I just did something similar.  I encoded music on an SD card, then 
embedded a circuit with the card and two microcontrollers in a toy for 
my kids.  It worked out quite well, though it took a lot of work.  I can 
answer questions.

I got an inexpensive 256 MB card from newegg.  Actually, I first got a 
128 MB card, but I fried that one by touching my grounded soldering iron 
to the live circuit.  I won't do that again. ;-)


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