Tweaking MythTV

Shane Hathaway shane at
Sun Dec 31 23:39:35 MST 2006

Barry Roberts wrote:
> I've discovered that if I use the following params:
> mplayer -vf pp=lb -vfm ffmpeg -lavdopts lowres=1:fast:skiploopfilter=all
> -framedrop dvb://KUED-HD	
> then 1080i looks pretty good scaled down to my 720p television.  But I
> can't get MythTV to play 1080 well at all.  Until I get my X2 htpc, do
> any myth experts here know how to dumb down myth's player so hdtv is
> watchable?

On the box I used until recently, compiling in XVMC support helped
enough to make *some* HDTV programs watchable.  Most shows still
stuttered.  The box had an Athlon 64 3200+ and a GeForce 6200.  SDTV and
analog worked very well.

As a workaround, I set MythTV to transcode all HDTV programs
automatically to a lower resolution.  The transcoding takes a long time,
but the real problem with that solution is that when the signal fades,
the transcoder isn't very forgiving and drops a lot of the recording.

FWIW, the new 5200+ CPU with a GeForce 7300 plays and scales HDTV in
real time with only 30% CPU utilization, meaning approximately 60% of 1
core is in use.  Interestingly, XVMC doesn't reduce the utilization.


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