Geeky Gifts and Other Geek Holiday Stuff

Shane Hathaway shane at
Sat Dec 30 22:05:38 MST 2006

Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> Did you get a shiny used PIII 450 to load Linux on? Did you get a new hard drive for
> your MythTV install? Did you perhaps give the gift that keeps on giving: Linux?

I got my family an early computer upgrade, then gave a 2 year old
desktop to my brother.  Both run Linux (Ubuntu for his family, Gentoo
for us).  I've got nearly my whole family converted to Linux, partly
because I provide technical support for Linux, but mostly because Ubuntu
has turned out to be rock solid and intuitive enough that help is rarely

> I did my geek thing. I made a web site for the fam.

Cool.  That even passes as a homemade gift.


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