Decent Struts docs?

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Sat Dec 30 16:16:19 MST 2006

On 12/29/06, Charles Curley <charlescurley at> wrote:
> Are there any decent documents on struts? I have two books from
> O'Reilly and a number of web sites, and I can't get answers to
> questions.
> I can find my way around Java, know HTML and CSS and XML. But Struts
> strikes me as another level of complexity for no apparent reason or
> benefit.


Are you working on an existing system?  Do you have to use Struts?
There are roughly 3 billion java web application frameworks -- so you
could choose a better one.  Popular choices are:

Spring MVC ->
Wicket ->
WebWork ->
Tapestry ->
Rife ->
Sails ->
JSF ->

... Among others ...

I recently used Spring 2.0 for and I liked it quite
well.  Spring still has some XML configuration you'll have to mess
with, but they have a lot of convention-over-configuration options, so
you can keep the XML to a minimum.


If you have to use struts, or want to use struts, then look into using
a decent tool for Java development (vim and emacs don't qualify).
NetBeans 5.5 will make Struts-based web development much easier.  As
far as good documentation on struts, I think you have the best
resources that I'm aware of.  The O'Reilly book and the apache website
are the only things I've ever used (and some random tutorials).

Anyway, good luck.  And feel free to ask questions to this list or the UJUG.


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