new hard drive trouble

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at
Sat Dec 30 09:14:41 MST 2006

On 12/29/06, Brandon Stout <bms at> wrote:
> Find out your SATA drive speed:
>   SATA 150 or SATA I
>   SATA 300 or SATA II
> Either get a PCI SATA card to match, or get the faster SATA II card
> since it'll run the slower SATA I drives and the SATA II drives....

Except that the only SATA II PCI cards are very expensive and probably
some sort of joke.  Have a look and you'll see that SATA II pretty
much only comes in PCIX.

I have a SATA II drive and the cheapest SATA I PCI card I could find.
Works great.  I haven't tried to boot from it though.

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