Decent Struts docs?

Erik R. Jensen erikrj at
Sat Dec 30 09:13:47 MST 2006

> Are there any decent documents on struts? I have two books from
> O'Reilly and a number of web sites, and I can't get answers to
> questions.
> I can find my way around Java, know HTML and CSS and XML. But Struts
> strikes me as another level of complexity for no apparent reason or
> benefit.

I've found the user guide on the struts site to meet my needs.

If you are not forced to go down the struts path, I would look at Spring MVC.

Additionally, if you are using an ORM like hibernate regardless of whether
you are using Spring MVC or Struts, I would recommend using Spring's IoC
container and hibernate support.

Erik R. Jensen

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