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Stephen Ward sjward at
Wed Dec 27 20:29:38 MST 2006

I'm in the process of clearing out some old computers and I figured before I
went and listed these things on ebay, I'd give the locals first dibs. :)

I have a working tower I'd like to get rid of.  I'd prefer to sell the whole
lot of parts of which it's comprised, but if you're interested in just some
of them, just let me know.  I don't want to sell the CPUs separately, and
I'd prefer to sell the CPUs and the motherboard together if at all
possible.  Anyway, here's what it's made of...

* MSI K7D Master (MS-6501)
* Supports dual Socket A (Socket-462) for AMD Athlon MP processors
* Supports Athlon MP 2000+ or higher
* Supports a maximum memory size of 4GB (registered DDR only)
* One AGP Pro Slot (4x mode)
* Two 64-bit/66MHz and three 32-bit/33 MHz PCI slots
* Integrated audio (Direct Sound AC97)
* No on-board ethernet, though I'm willing to toss in a spare 10/100 Mbps

Processors (2):
* AMD Athlon MP 2400+

* 1 stick of 512 MB PC-2100 (266 MHz) Kingston ValueRAM

Optical Drive:
* LG DVD/CD-RW (48x24x48x) combo drive (does not burn DVDs)

Floppy Drive:
* White :)

Case/Power supply:
* CompUSA-brand 500-W power supply
* Unknown-brand ATX tower (purchased at CompUSA, separately from the power

And here are my asking prices:
* Motherboard: $115
* Processors: $190 (total, not each)
* Memory: $40
* Optical drive: $15

The motherboard has 4 built-in USB 1.1 ports.  I bought a 2-port USB 2.0 PCI
card that I'm willing to throw in for free to anyone who buys the
motherboard (or more).  I'm also willing to throw in an old ATI AGP Rage Pro
card (I think it has 8 MB of RAM) for anyone who wants to buy the whole
system (or at least most of it).  It also has a 40 GB IDE hard drive that
I'd rather hang on to, but that is negotiable.

I would also add a note about heat.  When I was using this system regularly,
one of the CPUs seemed to run a little hot.  My theory is that it's because
it was sitting about 1 inch above a GeForce 4 Ti card I used to have in
there.  I've since replaced that GeForce with the Rage Pro, but I haven't
run the computer enough since then to know if it has made any difference.
Buyer beware!

Which brings me to this: all parts are provided "as is", as they say.  What
you get is what you get. :)

Feel free to negotiate any prices with me if you think I have them set too
high.  Anyone interested in any of this stuff can just email me off list.

Thanks, and sorry for the long read. :)

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