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> I don't mean to start any flame wars but I thought this was a very
> interesting read.  Fairly detailed technical writeup about the cost of
> Vista to vendors, manufacturers, driver creation and ultimately
> customers (MS and non-MS alike).  Sure paints a pretty bleak picture..
> I'd be interested in hearing what some of the rest of you think about it.
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> Christer Edwards

I'm not sure how any flame war could be started by this. I read the  
article and it is very interesting and detailed. I just hope that  
Linux doesn't have to implement this AES-128 bit encryption to talk to  
the hardware. I think that the aes encryption is that the way to do  
things. I also don't think that what we plug into the outputs should  
have any relevance to the way my computer functions.

Microsoft does have some documentation on their website regarding  
this. They have also published a 40 page document themselves  
disclosing a lot of the same information that was brought up in the  
article. Microsoft's documentation is places is bad because there is  
so much openness in what they are trying to do. I don't think this  
will succeed because of complexity. I think this may be the first time  
I recall that someone is literally going to dictate how I can use my  
computer. Past DRM schemes only were annoyances, but this is truly  
telling me how I can use my computer.

The link to Microsoft:

Make sure to open the output protect.doc file.

Brian Beardall

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