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Brandon Stout bms at
Wed Dec 27 14:23:26 MST 2006

Christer Edwards wrote:
> I don't mean to start any flame wars but I thought this was a very
> interesting read.  Fairly detailed technical writeup about the cost of
> Vista to vendors, manufacturers, driver creation and ultimately
> customers (MS and non-MS alike).  Sure paints a pretty bleak picture..
> I'd be interested in hearing what some of the rest of you think about it.
The article has several good points.  I wonder how credible it is, but
if it is a reliable source, then it will probably just help open source
grow - just as Charles Curley mentioned in his reply.  The thing that
made the IBM/Microsoft PC grow so fast was its open standards, and the
resulting clone-ability, back in DOS days.  Later, when IBM made a
proprietary technology, a new expansion slot that may have proven better
than PCI, other vendors responded with PCI.  This killed the IBM
proprietary slot, and PCI took over.  Proprietary hardware standards
have always lost when they compete against open hardware standards - at
least with end user computers.  You'd think they'd have learned by now...

Brandon Stout

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