Software for Starving Students 2007.01 -- RELEASED

jordy jordy at
Fri Dec 22 10:32:25 MST 2006

The 2007.01 release of Software for Starving Students is now available 
for download.

Software for Starving Students is a free collection of programs 
organized for students (but available to anyone). We've gathered a list 
of best-in-class programs onto one CD (one disc for OS X, one for 
Windows), including a fully-featured office suite, a cutting-edge web 
browser, multi-media packages, academic tools, utilities and more.

More info:
* Project homepage:
* A complete list of included titles:
* Screenshots:

Please help us out by seeding the torrent, spreading the word, and 
burning copies for your friends and family. (Nothing spreads holiday 
cheer like good, free software.)

Happy Downloading!


P.S.  Here's the Digg link:

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