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Daniel teletautala at
Mon Dec 18 23:15:08 MST 2006

Thanks Nicholas,

I appreciate the link.  This will be useful in the future, but does
not address the current issue of parsing elements of SEC filings.  I
want to use Net Income, Total Liabilities, etc in ratios and formulas.
 I have not seen anything out there that will help me with that.  I
will eventually want to do something like, but not now.

Thanks again,

On 12/18/06, Nicholas Leippe <nick at> wrote:
> On Monday 18 December 2006 14:52, Daniel wrote:
> > I want to find or create open source software to parse SEC filings and
> > do calculations on the resultant data.  I make relavent comparisons
> > with benchmarks or other companies.  I also want to track historical
> > data for a company.  I suppose I could scrape a site like yahoo
> > finance, but I don't know about the legal implications of that
> > (copyrights and all).  If there is an open source solution for this
> > that would be great.  If not I will need help writting functions to
> > grab necessary data.  Can anyone help with this?
> >
> > -Daniel
> The SEC information is all public data.  The EDGAR data is provided via a
> public ftp server, published file format specs, and guidelines on how to most
> efficiently slirp all the data.  (You can get it all, or incremental, etc.)
> There are free web interfaces, and I even ran across someone with an SQL front
> end to it.
> try:
> Have fun.
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