Increasing Comcast's Internet Speed

Jesse Stay jesse at
Mon Dec 18 22:26:09 MST 2006

If I understand correctly, I don't think it was a minimum segment
issue.  I used the same cables when I moved them apart as when they
were close together, so the segment length didn't change.  I'm almost
sure it was an interference issue.


On 12/18/06, Andy Bradford <amb-plug at> wrote:
> Thus said "Jesse Stay" on Mon, 18 Dec 2006 09:48:11 MST:
> > I discovered this over the weekend and posted it on my blog. I thought
> > it might be  of use for any of  you who may not be getting  the full 6
> > Mb/s  you're  supposed  to  be getting  from  Comcast.  Don't  believe
> > anything Comcast  is telling you  - they  are probably wrong  (see the
> > comment by the Comcast Tech in the comments):
> After  reading your  article and  I wonder...  is it  possible that  the
> problem is partly due to short distances in your ethernet segments?
> The  fact  that  you  moved  them  away  physically  could  indicate  an
> interference problem,  but you  also lengthened  your cables  I imagine.
> Just as there is  a maximum segment length of 100 meters,  so there is a
> minimum length of 2.5 meters between nodes. Now, this is minimum segment
> length (between nodes), not necessarily minimum cable length.
> Any chance you can redo your experiment with all the equipment as it was
> but with longer cables until you reach the minimum segment length (maybe
> slightly more)?
> Just curious...
> Andy
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