Increasing Comcast's Internet Speed

Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Mon Dec 18 21:32:48 MST 2006

Thus said "Jesse Stay" on Mon, 18 Dec 2006 09:48:11 MST:

> I discovered this over the weekend and posted it on my blog. I thought
> it might be  of use for any of  you who may not be getting  the full 6
> Mb/s  you're  supposed  to  be getting  from  Comcast.  Don't  believe
> anything Comcast  is telling you  - they  are probably wrong  (see the
> comment by the Comcast Tech in the comments):

After  reading your  article and  I wonder...  is it  possible that  the
problem is partly due to short distances in your ethernet segments?

The  fact  that  you  moved  them  away  physically  could  indicate  an
interference problem,  but you  also lengthened  your cables  I imagine.
Just as there is  a maximum segment length of 100 meters,  so there is a
minimum length of 2.5 meters between nodes. Now, this is minimum segment
length (between nodes), not necessarily minimum cable length.

Any chance you can redo your experiment with all the equipment as it was
but with longer cables until you reach the minimum segment length (maybe
slightly more)?

Just curious...

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