Open Source Financial Question

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Mon Dec 18 16:40:58 MST 2006

On Monday 18 December 2006 14:52, Daniel wrote:
> I want to find or create open source software to parse SEC filings and
> do calculations on the resultant data.  I make relavent comparisons
> with benchmarks or other companies.  I also want to track historical
> data for a company.  I suppose I could scrape a site like yahoo
> finance, but I don't know about the legal implications of that
> (copyrights and all).  If there is an open source solution for this
> that would be great.  If not I will need help writting functions to
> grab necessary data.  Can anyone help with this?
> -Daniel

The SEC information is all public data.  The EDGAR data is provided via a 
public ftp server, published file format specs, and guidelines on how to most 
efficiently slirp all the data.  (You can get it all, or incremental, etc.)

There are free web interfaces, and I even ran across someone with an SQL front 
end to it.


Have fun.

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