Increasing Comcast's Internet Speed

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at
Mon Dec 18 10:20:02 MST 2006


> On 12/18/06, Steve <smorrey at> wrote:
> >Ok so you increased your speed by moving your equipment apart?
> >That required a post to the list that points to digg, which then
> >points right back to your own blog?  Why not just link the blog?
> >
> >Anyways your issue is caused by noisy equipment, and or you done
> >something like had your cables routed near one another, or looped in
> >on themselves etc.

I have my Motorola cable modem, VOIP adapter, and router next to each other
on the shelf downstairs. Is it possible to simply create a shield with
Aluminium Foil and have the devices next to each other though shielded? Does
the advice apply to any situation? At work I have my trusty Cisco 678 mode,
in a small stacked shelf with my VOIP adapter, and credit card processing
modem, all in close proximity. Would they all work better spread far apart? 


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