Increasing Comcast's Internet Speed

Steve smorrey at
Mon Dec 18 09:56:50 MST 2006

Ok so you increased your speed by moving your equipment apart?
That required a post to the list that points to digg, which then
points right back to your own blog?  Why not just link the blog?

Anyways your issue is caused by noisy equipment, and or you done
something like had your cables routed near one another, or looped in
on themselves etc.

Get better, shielded and shorter, cables.  Shield your equipment better.

If you shorten your cable length and then place a thick book with a
piece aluminum foil in the middle in between each component (modem,
router, computer) you would have likely achieved an even better

However, personally I would have just uncapped my modem.


On 12/18/06, Jesse Stay <jesse at> wrote:
> I discovered this over the weekend and posted it on my blog.  I
> thought it might be of use for any of you who may not be getting the
> full 6 Mb/s you're supposed to be getting from Comcast.  Don't believe
> anything Comcast is telling you - they are probably wrong (see the
> comment by the Comcast Tech in the comments):
> And I hope this is not considered spam, but if you like it and would
> care to digg it, your diggs are much appreciated:
> Thanks!
> Jesse
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