macbook trouble

Blake Barnett shadoi at
Fri Dec 15 13:30:27 MST 2006

On Dec 14, 2006, at 4:51 PM, Hans Fugal wrote:

> On Tue, 12 Dec 2006 at 12:50 -0800, Blake Barnett wrote:
>> There's something wrong with your machine, or the software on it.  I
>> wouldn't put up with it.  Take it back in every time it crashes (Or
>> take pictures everytime and save them up for a trip to the apple
>> store.) until they replace parts or give you a new machine.  They
>> will eventually.  :)
> s/crash/freeze/
> It was ordered through the school. They did get applecare but I don't
> want to play the redtape game unless something really is bad. Even  
> if it
> was as simple as walking into the store, transferring stuff from  
> one HDD
> to the other is more of a pain than I want to deal with unless I know
> something's wrong.
> I don't think there's anything physically wrong, anyhow. It's maybe  
> not
> half as bad as windows - it does go a week or two between freezes.
> Mostly I learn "don't do that" and it doesn't freeze, so I think it's
> software issues.

You've been conditioned by the rest of the industry.  ;)  I've had my  
Macbook Pro for 6 months and the only times it freezes are caused  
specifically by software that I know has issues (World of Warcraft  
with certain settings turned on).  I did have the hard drive replaced  
because it was crashing constantly and eventually wouldn't boot at all.

If it's within the 1 year timeframe, you have automatic support/ 
warranty.  Make use of it!


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