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Brandon Stout bms at
Thu Dec 14 22:50:06 MST 2006

Daniel wrote:
> I am using my webserver to send mail using php's mail function which
> calls sendmail.  Some mail is coming back undeliverable because the
> sender address is invalid.  The server name is
> The sender address is apache at  I either need to
> change the sender address to webmaster at or eliminate
> the sender address altogether.  All mail from the district is
> <username>  I have tried to change the file
> /etc/mail/local-host-names and that just redirected the mail to the
> webserver instead of the district mail server.  Can someone help me?
> -Daniel
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On the Sendmail side, are the users who use this form logged in as local 
users?  If so, and perhaps even if not, have you tried a virtmap for:

I'm not sure if that will do what you want - I've never tried a catchall 
to a catchall, but perhaps its worth a try.

Brandon Stout

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