Meeting reminder

Dave Smith dave at
Wed Dec 13 16:05:50 MST 2006

Chris Carey wrote:
> Ahh Sunnyvale. The only place I know of where the hotel prices are
> higher during the week than on the weekend.

Argh. That's one reason why I stay at my company's town home when 
visiting Sunnyvale. The bigger reason is that it's stocked with munchies.

By the way, we're hiring in SLC. Email me off list if you want to work 
with me and Byron Clark on cool stuff involving Linux, Qt, and lots of 
T1's. We're also looking for software engineer interns if you're into that.


P.S. Even if you find me visually and socially offensive, still send 
your resume because hey, at least Byron's good to work with.

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