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Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Dec 13 12:28:55 MST 2006

Here are some statistics and notes regarding

Items of note:
The top search term driving traffic to was "ryan simpkins" - mostly from
google. Please don't get the wrong impression. This isn't me. This is probably spill
over traffic from the increasing popularity of the 9 year old girl/actress who
shares my name. You can look her up on if you are curious. Traffic is way
up on my personal site as well. People must be wondering why Linux is this girls
favorite operating system. :)

The stats:

924 - Visits
2,410 - Page Views

20.89% - Percent of returning visitors.
79.11% - Front page bounce rate.

47% - Goal Funnel Completion Percent (went through entire sign up).
68 - Total number of active users (have logged in at least once).
19 - Total number of local companies listed.

Most popular keyword conversion visits (search engine hits):
32 - "ryan simpkins"
29 - "plug"
25 - "utah linux companies"

Top Content Page Views:
678 - Front Page
64 - Member Profiles
52 - Local companies

Top web browsers by visit (not page view):
477 - Firefox
296 - Internet Explorer
87  - Opera

61.26% of visitors were using Windows.
29.65% of visitors were using Linux.
8.33% of visitors were using Macintosh
6.82% of visitors did not have any version of flash installed.

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