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Mon Dec 11 23:35:58 MST 2006

On Mon, 2006-12-11 at 22:17 -0700, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> > Now that's quite a story.  And typical of Dell from my experience.  We
> > no longer deal directly with Dell at all. We use En Pointe and let them
> > extract the money from Dell for repairs.
> >
> If you have that much trouble with a company, why continue to use them?

We have two choices here.  Dell or HP.  Need I say more? :)

I used to have a student working for me that claimed we could save lots
of money by just building computers.  The economics of it escaped him.  

Fortunately our experiences with Dell are just barely good enough that
as long as En Pointe will come on-site at Dell's expense, it's a win-win
situation.  If things get worse I may look at HP, but no one in my shop
seems to like them, for reasons that are purely subjective.

We do recommend Apple to our faculty, but unfortunately Apple has
decided to ignore that part of the market that we are in.  They simply
have no machines to compete with, say a Dell GX 745.  This is also
unfortunate for my brother, a college student, who wants to do video
production.  There's just no Apple machine that fits his bill.  The Mac
Mini is of course a toy for this kind of thing.  The iMac is fine except
that it already comes with its own screen and no room for hard drive
growth (I know about firewire).  Plus it's 30% more expensive than the
equivalent Dell setup.  The Mac Pro is overkill for him and seems to
start at $2500 anyway.  By contrast, for example, we're picking up Dell
boxes with 2 GB of RAM, a Core 2 duo processor, decent video card, and
20" LCD display for only about $1200.  If Apple had a $1200 machine to
compete with that, we'd only buy apple (even for users wanting XP).
Maybe a mini Mac Pro, for example (MacPros are monsters).  Until this
happens, Apple will only be supplying laptops and the occasional iMac to
our university department.  Well and the occasional server.


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