multiple disc archiving

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Dec 11 20:11:15 MST 2006

On Mon, 2006-12-11 at 18:40 -0700, Christer Edwards wrote:
> thanks for the earlier quick responses for my issue with the macbook.
> This list is always great in getting some quick feedback.
> Now, if you all don't mind I have another question that is (hopefully)
> as easily solvable.
> I plan to backup my media collection to DVD and I wonder if there is a
> utility or command syntax (tar?) that would auto-span multiple discs.
> I'm basing this from the old option within WinZip to span an archive
> among multiple floppies.  I know, old school.
> Basically, I understand that I will need about a dozen DVDs to archive
> my media, but I'd rather not manually select & copy *just* the right
> amount for each DVD.
> Any utilities for Linux that you can suggest to automate that part of
> the process for me and backup ~60G of data to multiple DVDs?

Along those lines, does anyone know if they sell DVD writer jukeboxes
for under $5000?  I don't care about tons of drives, I just want it to
handle say 1-5 DVDs in a row (automatic loading).


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