admin question: howto-unresponsive server under extreme load

Steve smorrey at
Mon Dec 11 15:36:41 MST 2006

thats not "nice"

On 12/11/06, Nicholas Leippe <nick at> wrote:
> We have a webserver that occasionally gets pegged. When this happens, the
> remote shell becomes nearly totally unresponsive--to the point that we have
> it rebooted at the colo. We already have swap disabled. We are trying to
> pinpoint which bit of our application is causing this. Obviously, a hard
> reset kills any chance of it completing and writing log files with useful
> clues.
> Is there some way to lock a root shell such that it is always responsive so
> that we could at least kill the webserver and have a chance of the log files
> being fully written to find the problem?
> RT scheduling? Tell bash to mlock() itself into memory? Ideas?
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