macbook trouble

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Mon Dec 11 13:33:32 MST 2006

On Mon, 11 Dec 2006, Michael Torrie wrote:

> Have you ever tried to get Dell to replace a laptop before?
I own both and have not yet tried to get either replaced.  Fortunately.

> Apple treats their customers quite well and despite the problems that
> I've seen with various MacBook Pros (not a high percentage), I'd still
> go with Apple over Dell.
> The fact of the matter is that the failure rate for laptops, especially
> within the first 6 months, is very high all around. That's why I insist
> that our users, no matter what they buy, get a 3-year complete warranty
> that covers parts and labor.
> We've seen sleep problems, random hard crashes, and failed disks on
> MacBook Pros.  But I've seen the same problems on Dells too (especially
> failed disks -- if the disk can live 6 months it will likely live 3
> years).
Agreed.  My MacBook Pro is first generation and it has been great.  I have 
had some annoying issues, but Apple has been very helpful.  Computers 
have problems.  It does not matter what brand they are.  I always get 
warranties.  I highly suggest them to everyone.  Especially if you are 
buying a laptop.


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