Java 6

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Mon Dec 11 12:59:12 MST 2006

Java 6 has been released.  woot.

The highlights are:

Built-in web services.  You just add an annotation to a method and it
becomes a SOAP-based web service.  Yes, this is a direct rip-off from

Scripting/dynamic language support.  The stock JDK comes with
JavaScript, but you can download Jython, JRuby, Groovy, BeanShell,
Sleep (perl-ish), BSF, Tcl/Java, JBasic, JScheme and many others.
These implementations existed before, but now Java has a standard API
for using scripting languages, so you'll see Tomcat, JBoss, and other
servers supporting scripting in a generic way so you can choose what
language you want to use.

The JDK has a built-in pure-java database.  I'm not sure if it is ACID
complaint, but I think it is.  It is based on Apache Derby (which used
to be IBM Cloudscape).  Note, the JRE doesn't have this bloat.

Improved Java2D and Swing performance.  Java2D (and thus Swing) is now
accelerated on your graphics card hardware.  Put your GPU to work :-).


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