Linux PDAs

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Sun Dec 10 02:46:10 MST 2006


> Anyway, these URLs beg the question: Who uses Linux-powered PDA's, and
> what experiences have you had with them?  I'm looking into my next PDA,
> and this inquiring mind wants to know.

I really like my Nokia 770. It has a lot of potential and gets better
with every software release. It's not yet a "real" pda since it doesn't
have names/calendar out of the box for example. There are add-ons to
cover that gap. Nokia will update the hardware before long and make it
even better.

I can attest to the palmsource intent to do linux. Nokia sponsored a
meeting for a few bluetooth developers in Helsinki and flew me out there
to work with the other bluez guys on it. Palmsource sent two of the ALP
engineers from France to the meetings. The palmsource guys are also
helping a lot by contributing code and ideas to the development effort
for bluetooth audio.


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