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Brandon Stout wrote:
> I've been looking at these URLs:
> Interestingly, PalmSource has had some agreement or merger, which makes
> me wonder if PalmOS is going Linux...

Yes. PalmSource will be releasing a future PalmOS running atop Linux.

Personally, I'm excited for this. I've been a PalmOS fan since I owned a
Handspring Visor. Yeah, I know PalmOS hasn't been the most stable handheld OS
like it was with the Pilot, but I like it anyhow.

Running Linux on a handheld is exciting to me because it makes development of
handheld applications so much more accessible. I've tried several times to
get into writing PalmOS apps from Linux. It seems all the documentation is at
least a couple years old. I haven't been able to get anything working
properly with any modern distributions. That's unfortunate, because I have a
few ideas for applications and I'm sure others do too.

Another very exciting thing about running Linux behind-the-scenes w/ the next
PalmOS is true multitasking.

I hope it starts showing up in devices soon.

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