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Daniel wrote:
> I have seen a Linux Quick Reference Guide from O'reilly:
> this works for cross platform commands.  Is there a reference guide
> for platform specific commands?  For example:
> Task                             Red Hat (and such)         Debian (and
> such)
> Maintain rc.d directory    chkconfig sshd on           update-rc.d ssh
> defaults
> install packages             yum install <package>    apt-get install
> <package>

This could be useful, but I think your question underscores an important
concept many people fail to grasp for too long: Linux is Linux is Linux!

Even though tools exist on different distributions (chkconfig for
RH/Mandriva, update-rc.d on Debian(isms), yast on SUSE), they all do mostly
the same dang thing: maintain symbolic links between files in /etc/init.d (or
/etc/rc.d/init.d) and the run level directories init scripts process for the
respective run level.

If you learn about the fundamental activity these tools are doing, the tools
themselves are just convenience. Knowing what's going on behind the scenes,
you can pretty much manage anything on any of the distributions.

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