BIOS assisted raid

Brian Hawkins brianhks at
Tue Dec 5 09:22:58 MST 2006

I'm setting up a system with the intent of using raid 0 for performance 
The hardware
Asus motherboard with with bios assisted raid controler
two SATA drives
one PATA drive for backup

I want to setup the two SATA drives as RAID 0 and use the motherboards 
controller to assist if possible.  I'm installing FC6.

The first time I installed I just went with the system default setup.  
It put /boot on the PATA drive and then created a logical volume out of 
the two SATA drives.  This seemed to work except there was no indication 
anywhere that it was setup as RAID 0 or that it was using the raid I 
setup in the BIOS.

After hosing the system from a few id10t errors I reinstalled and this 
time I setup the volumes manually and created a RAID 0 out of the two 
SATA drives during the install.  It works but I swear it runs slower 
although I have no empirical data to prove it.

Does anyone have experience with setting up RAID 0 with BIOS assisted 
controller?  Am I doing something wrong and what should I look for?

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