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Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 16:57:53 MDT 2006

Thought I'd throw this in to balance the discussion.  Quoted from a
featured article on chirobase, which you can find here:


"Spinal manipulation can relieve some types of back and neck pain and
other conditions related to tightness and loss of mobility, such as
tension headache or aching in muscles and joints. We also know that
massage may be as effective as cervical manipulation in relieving
tension headache. And physical therapy techniques may be as effective
as spinal manipulation in long-term relief of back pain. Rational
chiropractors can offer all of these modalities, when appropriate, and
thus provide patients with a choice. They may also offer basic advice
about nutrition, weight loss, exercise, ergonomics, relaxation
techniques, body mechanics, home care (such as use of hot or cold
packs), massage, and other self-help measures that might help relieve
or prevent aches and pains.

Science-based chiropractors make appropriate judgments about the
nature of their patients' problems, determine whether these problems
lie within their scope, and make appropriate referrals for problems
that do not. If you can find one who uses manipulation and physical
therapy appropriately and who is willing to coordinate with your
personal physician, you can benefit from the best that both have to


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