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Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 16:35:04 MDT 2006

On 8/31/06, Dr. Scott S. Jones <scott at fyrenice.com> wrote:
> Chiropractic is a threat to the AMA and medical establishment, because it's
> something beyond their control and thus ability to profit from it.

Number Two on the Signs of Bogus Science list: "The discoverer says
that a powerful establishment is trying to suppress his or her work."
Replace discoverer with practitioner and this sounds an awful lot like
what you're saying, Dr. Jones.

How ethical or unethical the AMA may be is not the matter at heart
here; whether chiropractic does what it claims to is.  Within certain
areas, chiropractic care does have benefits.  Unfortunately, few
chiropractors see fit to limit themselves to these areas, if they even
know what they are.


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