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Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 16:26:46 MDT 2006


Yes, the sites are biased.  However, I think it's pretty clear that
any information you'll get from a chiropractor will also be biased.
It is the job of the thinking individual to listen to both sides of
the story, gather any evidence relating to the topic at hand, and make
their judgements based on what they have found.

You (and anyone else who hasn't already seen it) might want to read
the seven warning signs of bogus science.  It's hosted at Quackwatch,
but was not written by the maintainer of the site - the author's
information is at the bottom of the document.  You can read it here:


The fact that you received acupuncture and chiropractic and
subsequently got better proves nothing.  Correlation is not causation,
as we all know, and both chiropractic (when applied to problems
outside it's scope) and acupuncture have repeatedly failed double
blind tests, which are the scientific standard for a reason.

Chiropractors may take upon themselves the title "doctor", but they
are not certified medical doctors.  My dad is a "doctor" because he
has a Ph.D.  There is a very good reason that chiropractic and medical
science have not merged - most of what chiropractors do is quackery.
Most, not all.

Finally, the fact that you have seen bad doctors does not validate
chiropractic or invalidate medical science.  I can rant for hours
about the state of the medical profession in this country, but that's
really another topic in an already off-topic thread.


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