Posture and 'ergo'ness (Was: Re: Hand Pain)

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Thu Aug 31 15:39:09 MDT 2006

I'm not sure I agree. When I'm intent on something, I crane my neck to
see/be involved whether I need to or not. I do this while reading books or
reading my computer screen. It has nothing to do with my ability to read the
screen, but rather the intensity with which I'm involved. It accounts for
most of my upper back and neck pain and is something I'm trying to correct.

How do you manage the reboot of your nervous system?


On 8/31/06, Carl Youngblood <carl at> wrote:
> On 8/31/06, Nicholas Leippe <nick at> wrote:
> > I still frequently catch myself straining forward and have to correct my
> > posture--it takes time to correct bad habits.  But, my back hasn't been
> sore
> > for a long time.
> I think this depends a lot on your eyes.  I feel fortunate to have
> eyes that allow me to read a monitor practically from the other side
> of the room, so I can sit erect without craning my neck.  It might be
> worth looking into better lenses (or a lower monitor resolution) if
> you find yourself frequently leaning toward the monitor.  As I recall
> when we worked together, Nick, your 17" monitor was often set to
> 3400x2100 or something :^)
> Carl
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