Posture and 'ergo'ness (Was: Re: Hand Pain)

Carl Youngblood carl at
Thu Aug 31 15:24:36 MDT 2006

On 8/31/06, Nicholas Leippe <nick at> wrote:
> I still frequently catch myself straining forward and have to correct my
> posture--it takes time to correct bad habits.  But, my back hasn't been sore
> for a long time.

I think this depends a lot on your eyes.  I feel fortunate to have
eyes that allow me to read a monitor practically from the other side
of the room, so I can sit erect without craning my neck.  It might be
worth looking into better lenses (or a lower monitor resolution) if
you find yourself frequently leaning toward the monitor.  As I recall
when we worked together, Nick, your 17" monitor was often set to
3400x2100 or something :^)


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