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Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Thu Aug 31 12:16:18 MDT 2006

+++ Bradley Dorner [31/08/06 10:04 -0700]:
> I agree, Go to the Source. I looked at both sites that
> you referenced in the email. You haven't found the
> source yet. Biased is the first word that cames to
 ANY doctor. 
> BTW, Chiroprators were invited to join the AMA a
> little over 20 years ago. They refused for various
> reasons. 


Thanks for your comments. As always, buyer beware, whether it's healthcare
or groceries or cars anything else. 

As for why we, as a profession declined on an invitation to join the AMA
(I'd love to read the source on this....send it to me), look at what has
happened to the discipline of Osteopathy. It is part of the Medical
Establishment. Doctors of Osteopathy work on the same patients and problems
that Doctors of Chiropractic do, just with the addition of pharmacology. The
ranks of Osteopathy are shrinking quickly. The AMA's embrace of osteopathy
early on was the AMA's way of containing and controlling what osteopathy did
and does. 

Chiropractic is a threat to the AMA and medical establishment, because it's
something beyond their control and thus ability to profit from it. If water
could be declared a 'controlled substance' the AMA would start writing
prescriptions for it and making a mint in the process. 

Chiropractic chose to remain independent so that we could chart our own
course and not be under the direction and control and limitation of others
who neither value nor understand that it's better to attack health issues at
the source, versus masking, numbing, and otherwise confusing the brain about
vital pain signals. 

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