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Bradley Dorner bddorner at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 31 11:04:08 MDT 2006

I agree, Go to the Source. I looked at both sites that
you referenced in the email. You haven't found the
source yet. Biased is the first word that cames to
mind. Dangerous, to some extent, is another. Dangerous
in that bad information is as dangerous as no
information. Having received acupunture, and
chiropratic care for various health issues. I can
recommend those highly. Do you need to take care in
selecting proper Doctors, and yes that is the correct
term for practitioners of those fields, yes. Just as
it is for MD's. I have had more problems with MD's
then with other practitioners. 

I could list off several instances where I have been
able to avoid surgery and the advice "take two asprin
and call me if it gets worse" both of which were
recommendations from MD's. My favorite one is when I
went back to an MD and he asked me what I did to get
rid of a "rest of your life" type problem. He didn't
believe me when I told him, but I was no longer ill so
he couldn't argue with me.

The long and the short. 
1) DON'T believe everything you read on the internet
2) It's your life, your health, don't go in stupid to
ANY doctor. 

BTW, Chiroprators were invited to join the AMA a
little over 20 years ago. They refused for various


--- scott at fyrenice.com wrote:

> Daniel C. wrote:
> > Before you or anyone else on the list looks into
> getting chiropractic
> > care, you might want to take a look at
> chirobase.org.  It's a site
> > that's run jointly with quackwatch.org.
> >
> > Dan
> Dan, your point is well taken. It would be though
> like asking Microsoft
> about Linux if you didn't know anything about open
> source...Or like asking a
> born-again Christian about Mormonism. Why go
> wandering off to get
> information from a soured old unlicensed supposed MD
> who instead of trying
> to do good in the world seeks to rake the muck and
> look for the worst in
> those he does not understand? Go to the source.
> Isn't that what Linux is all
> about?
> Scott
> > 
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