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scott at fyrenice.com scott at fyrenice.com
Thu Aug 31 10:22:59 MDT 2006

Daniel C. wrote:

> Before you or anyone else on the list looks into getting chiropractic
> care, you might want to take a look at chirobase.org.  It's a site
> that's run jointly with quackwatch.org.
> Dan

Dan, your point is well taken. It would be though like asking Microsoft
about Linux if you didn't know anything about open source...Or like asking a
born-again Christian about Mormonism. Why go wandering off to get
information from a soured old unlicensed supposed MD who instead of trying
to do good in the world seeks to rake the muck and look for the worst in
those he does not understand? Go to the source. Isn't that what Linux is all


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