Easiest Dual Boot Ever!

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 02:59:06 MDT 2006

Hello World!
Yes this is my first post from within my shiny new, dual booting Laptop.
After following the advice in the list I got a dell.
Specifically I got a slightly used Dell Latitude C640, from a used
computer store here in SLC.
The Laptop came with Windows XP and nothing else.
I wanted to do a dual booting system because I figured wireless would
not work under linux as is typically the case.
A few hours ago, I downloaded and burned a couple of distro's OpenSuse
10.1, and Kubuntu.
I tried the OpenSuse disk first figuring it would probably be my best shot.
It didn't recognize much of the HW and I never got to reparitioning,
because of a kernel panic. (never shut the lid while trying to load a
Anyways 24 minutes ago I stuck the latest Kubuntu in not really expecting much.
Boy was I wrong.
Install was fast, configuration was a breeze, it even resized my NTFS
partition to make room for itself, all I had to do was move a little
slider thingy.
I have finished the install and rebooted windows to make sure it was
still alive, then came back into Linux to play around for a bit.
All my hardware appears to be working, including the 10/100 as well as
the wireless.
HW Accelerated 3D is configured and running using the Radeon driver,
and I'm happy to report that 3D performance is fantastic for a Laptop.

Reboot times are alot better on this laptop than on my desktop, but
they are both using different versions of Kubuntu so that may be the

Anyways I'm shocked and impressed that this little $400 laptop is
doing so great under linux.  The Kubuntu folks really deserve some
applause because I think we finally have a distro that mom can dual
boot :)

Well thanks for the advice everyone!

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