Getting a fair deal?

shadoi shadoi at
Wed Aug 30 21:46:11 MDT 2006

Grant Robinson wrote:
> Personally, I would still buy the Apple, as there is also a whole host 
> of other things that the MacBook Pro offers for me like battery life, OS 
> (no legal OS X for a Toshiba), iLife, etc, etc.

And they double as a portable lap heater!  :)  Seriously, sometimes I 
appreciate it, like when I'm in a datacenter and freezing my arse off. 
Most of the time it's just quite uncomfortable.  All that aside, I'm 
still very happy with my Macbook Pro.  If I had some spare cash I'd 
probably replace one of my desktops with one of these Toshiba cheapies 
though.  $1300 is a great deal for a 17" "portable" no matter how you 
slice it.


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