date validater

Joe Crown joecr at
Wed Aug 30 20:47:27 MDT 2006

Well as I promised I will now post my JavaScript.  It is in the CVS of 
the following project over at source forge.  I haven't made a package 
yet as I haven't had the time or more importantly the knowledge of how 
to do it.

If anyone will point me in the right direction of making a package I 
will post it when I get a chance.  I have tried doing a google search, 
but I guess I just was using the wrong terms in my search.

One last note I have it licensed under GPL Version 2 only.  I specified 
that version & to my knowledge in the USA the intent of the author of a 
program determines the license which in this case is the GPL version 2.


American Family Association & 30+ Other Groups Call for Boycott of Ford 
Motor Company

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is highlighting three sets of bad 
laws going through Congress right now.

Don't pay malware vendors - boycott Sony & Symantec

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