Hand Pain

Dr. Scott S. Jones drjones at xmission.com
Wed Aug 30 17:56:23 MDT 2006

Corey Edwards wrote:

>On Wed, 2006-08-30 at 12:57 -0700, Jeffrey Moss wrote:
>>Does anybody else get pain in the fingers? What caused it and
>>what'd you do about it? I went to a doctor last year for debilitating
>>pain in my hands (mostly my right index finger), he said it was
>>tendonitis and gave me steroids, which helped me recover but this pain
>>in my index finger never went away. I've been thinking it's either a
>>pinched nerve or permanant tendon damage or something. Any thoughts?
>Have you tried resetting your nervous system? There are still a few bugs
>in Brain 1.0 and occasionally a hard reset it necessary. The developer
>assures me it'll be fixed in 2.0.
>You might also try swapping another hand onto your arm and see if the
>same thing happens with that one. That would tell you it's the hand and
>not the arm. How old are you? It might still be covered under warranty.
>Tongue-in-cheek, I know. But have you ever considered how useless
>computer troubleshooting skills often are in other realms. I cringe at
>the thought of being a doctor where there's no way to say "this one's
>fried, go get another".
Despite that tongue lodged firmly in your cheek, you hit the nail on the
head with Jeffrey's trouble. It is likely the nervous system that needs

Whether it's a hard or soft reset is up to Jeffrey and the Chiropractor
who resets his wrist and hand. Give Chiropractic a shot at it, Jeffrey!

Dr. Jones
Sandy Chiropractic

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