Hand Pain

Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 16:50:41 MDT 2006

My initial suspicion is that you're habitually doing something that's
putting you in an unnatural position.  I used to have pains all down
the diodes in my right arm.  Eventually I figured out that I had to
raise my arm just slightly above where it's comfortable (but not
noticeably so) to use my mouse.  The cumulative effect of doing that
all day every day led to something weird going on in my shoulder.  A
small adjustement to my chair height fixed it.

Same thing with lower back pains - I realized that I always sat with
my weight on (ahem) the left side of my pelvic girdle, because my
wallet is in my right back pocket.  My wallet's less than a half inch
thick, which seems like nothing, but I made a habit of putting it on
my desk instead of sitting on it and the back pain went away.

Data is not the plural of anecdote, but you might want to start paying
attention to things you do with your arm and shoulders all the time.
Add and subtract variables over time and see which of them has an
effect.  Put that together with seeing a competent doctor, and unless
there's permanent damage you should be able to get it fixed up in no

On 8/30/06, Jeffrey Moss <jeff at opendbms.com> wrote:
> Does anybody else get pain in the fingers? What caused it and
> what'd you do about it? I went to a doctor last year for debilitating
> pain in my hands (mostly my right index finger), he said it was
> tendonitis and gave me steroids, which helped me recover but this pain
> in my index finger never went away. I've been thinking it's either a
> pinched nerve or permanant tendon damage or something. Any thoughts?
> -Jeff

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