MythTV frontend rebuffering problem

Roberto Mello rmello at
Wed Aug 30 15:59:34 MDT 2006

On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 03:28:15PM -0600, Brandon Beattie wrote:
> Myth keeps a very small buffer for several reasons, but it's not worth
> going into and it's not something you can tweak minus hacking the code.
> Now I've also seen problems with some switches and network cards.  My
> gigabit switch will cause prebuffering pauses all the time, but my
> 10/100 switch won't.  I know some network cards need to be throttled so
> it doesn't starve the system when it gets bursts of large data packets.

So I should try a different network card? I can do that.

> Next question is why are you using nfs? Myth has it's own protocol.
> Maybe you're not using nfs for myth, but you did bring it up.  There are

I use SMB (sorry I lied, it's not NFS) for mplayer to play video files, 
like my xvid's (I transcode my DVDs into xvid). AFAIK, mplayer doesn't 
know anything about the myth protocol, and myth has to give it a path to 
the file to be played.

Is there a better way I don't know about?

So on the frontend I mount a share from the backend for videos and pictures.
DVD is played locally through the DVD drive and Xine.

> also some nfs tweaks (read myth-users mail web archive).  But it is true
> mplayer is a _lot_ more forgiving for network hicups than myth is.  You
> can always try a transfer and see how much throughput you get, and how
> stable it is.

Transferring a 1.1 GiB file:
	- over scp: 5.8 MB/s (4:01 Min)
	- over smb: 6m21.627s

Hmm, that sucks. SMB should be faster than scp. I'll investigate. Gotta
head home now.


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