Hand Pain

Corey Edwards tensai at zmonkey.org
Wed Aug 30 15:08:07 MDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-08-30 at 15:11 -0600, Jason Hall wrote:
> On Wednesday 30 August 2006 14:23, Corey Edwards wrote:
> > Tongue-in-cheek, I know. But have you ever considered how useless
> > computer troubleshooting skills often are in other realms. I cringe at
> > the thought of being a doctor where there's no way to say "this one's
> > fried, go get another".
> I don't know, there are times I would have really liked to have had a tcpdump 
> of the transfer between my brain and my mouth.  Could have debugged things 
> and wound up a lot better off :)

That's my point though. It *doesn't* work that way. It's a bummer for
exactly the reasons you describe. Of course, be careful what you wish
for. Just imagine they start shipping babies with Vista. *shudder*

> And don't get me started about the DB backup of my brain, and setting some 
> better indexes on my memory!

I heard somewhere that long term memory is in reality quite like a hash
table. When you put a memory in, you hash it according to how you'll
remember it. Say you go to Disney Land. You might index that under
"Disney", "fun", and "screaming kids". When you want to pull the memory
details out, you simply need to have the right index key to get to it.

Researchers theorize that as we age, our hashing algorithm changes. So
memories that you indexed when you were 8 months old no longer come up
with you look for them because you're looking for the wrong hash value.
I don't know if the same thing applies to forgetfulness in seniors, but
it's conceivable.


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