Hand Pain

Matthew Walker rorith at kydance.net
Wed Aug 30 14:59:19 MDT 2006

> On Wednesday 30 August 2006 14:23, Corey Edwards wrote:
>> Tongue-in-cheek, I know. But have you ever considered how useless
>> computer troubleshooting skills often are in other realms. I cringe at
>> the thought of being a doctor where there's no way to say "this one's
>> fried, go get another".
> I don't know, there are times I would have really liked to have had a
> tcpdump
> of the transfer between my brain and my mouth.  Could have debugged things
> and wound up a lot better off :)
> And don't get me started about the DB backup of my brain, and setting some
> better indexes on my memory!

I'd settle with a transaction safe memory structure. Though the ability to
set up a master-slave relationship to enable continuous backups of my
brain would be nice.


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